The Book of Deacon

The Book of Deacon - Joseph Lallo I enjoyed The Book of Deacon. Mr. Lallo creates a vivid world and a well-developed main character; Myranda. Her motivations are straightforward and linked inextricably to the world around her. A strong-willed individual, she has strengths and flaws and the story focuses on her chance encounter with a magic artifact, and the chaos the unfolds after the event.

Mr. Lallo chronicles Myranda's growth and development with vivid detail as she encounters a varied cast of characters to help (and hinder) her arduous journey. Her dangerous travels and personal growth keep the pace relatively slow and dampen the sense of urgency somewhat, but the progression is consistent throughout the book and the tension builds along the way.

Magic plays a large role in this story and the mechanics of its use are explained thoroughly. As Myranda learns to become a spellcaster, the reader is with her every step of the way.

Other reviews have mentioned the unconventional lack of chapters and cited some grammatical errors; however, I must admit this did not detract from my enjoyment of the story. If you like a well-described, detailed fantasy world, and are curious about the inner-workings of the magic in contains, you should enjoy this book.